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HOST is a platform that allows small and large streamers to monetise their content through sponsorships in the form of advertising films that automatically appear in their stream for a set period of time.

No! Publishers can use HOST whenever they want. HOST does not have contracts to force content creators to air sponsorships they don’t want to feature. We also do not demand exclusivity.

HOST currently works on two platforms – Twitch and YouTube.

This is currently not possible. Streamers can only participate in sponsorships tailored to a specific language market (the language in which they broadcast and communicate with their audience).

Impressions are calculated simply: if an advertisement video promoting a specific sponsorship is viewed during a broadcast, the streamer receives as many impressions as the number of viewers present in the live stream at that time. When a person watching the stream sees the ad content, it counts as one impression. For example, if there are 100 people watching the stream at that moment, it would count as 100 impressions.

Absolutely, all sensitive streamer data is protected and secured by multiple systems. This data will not be used for any reason.

To enable our system to read data statistics such as streaming duration, viewer count, or the category in which the broadcast is being viewed, it needs to be connected to your account on the streaming platform.